The Snackomatic, high speed food dispenser

Grab & Go concept for automatic restaurants

The SnackomaticSolutions

The Automat

Speed up hot food sales

Grab & Go food dispensing solution

Improve your snack sales

Impulse sales

Improve speed of your quick service

Only 15 seconds per sale

Save on your company expenses

Sell more with the same personnel

Start your automat restaurant today!

Improved cashflow control

Each sale is registered
Employees do not have access to the money

Original concept

Good franchise opportunities

Cashless payment options

Good franchise opportunities

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Download a datasheet of our different models:

Models-and-options.pdf (1053 downloads)

Different payment options

  • Credit cards

  • Mobile payment / ApplePay

  • NFC - contactless

  • Personalized tokens

  • Adaptable to each countries currency

automat payment
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Braimex Maquinaria, worldwide supplier of the snackomatic,  a typical hot food vending machine also known as the automat or like the people say in the Netherlands, automatiek and loketautomaat. Well known in that country, used by different fast food franchises in Amsterdam, installations in petrol stations, bus stations, train stations etc.  But not only in the Netherlands, you can also find our automats in Spain, Austria, Sri Lanka, the USA, Bon Aire, Israel and many more countries!

The Snackomatic, hot food automat or automatiek, serves food in the fastest way, and fast food even faster! A high speed Grab & Go concept!

Counting with many years of experience we provide you the best service and best sales conditions. The highest quality automats are designed and produced by Vendic in Denmark , the original manufacturer of the famous automats since more than 35 years! The reason why many clients choose for Braimex and Vendic: Authentic, Quality products, for a reasonable Price!


Solutions & concepts

How and where to install the Snackomatic automats

To turn your business into a big success we can provide you with ready to use concepts including, naming branding and graphics design of your new store.  Let us guide you to your success to open your new server-less restaurant with our automats.

All types of hot snacks can be sold with our automat vending machines. From delicious croquets to irresistible puff pastry snacks, hamburgers, hot pies, pizzas or other hot snack.

Start your automatic restaurant today!  Contact us for more details

Train and bus stations

Supermarkets and convenience stores

Universities / Company canteens

Healthy vending

Gas stations

Quick Service Restaurants


Night clubs / Night life areas

Food trucks/trailers for events

We design your automat restaurant

Automat store design

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